About Us

VISEGRAD ANIMATION FORUM is a market access platform. It tries to attract new partners, producers, broadcasters, and film distributors. It also tries to find ways of financing both short animated films, TV series and also newly feature films. Lastly, it seeks to increase professional experience, to present the abilities of filmmakers and producers, and improve the quality of content and the visual side of projects.


Visegrad Animation Forum

Market access platform for animated film in Central and Eastern Europe.


VAF Třeboň

Lectoring and pitching of animated projects in development (categories: Short Films, Series / TV Specials, Feature Films). A networking event for professionals not only from CEE region.


VAF New Talents

Alternative promotion of the most talented young animation filmmakers from CEE. Its aim is to present internationally the best short films in a given year to a professional audience and for the general public.


VAF Red Bricks

Think-tank revamping animated industry in CEE. Producers´ network to enable and strengthen the cooperation across the region.


CEE Animation Workshop

A dynamic tailor-made workshop for experienced animated film producers from CEE aiming at building an efficient flexible and cooperative regional network.