Visegrad Animation Forum – pitching of short films!

Presentation of animation short films projects from our region is one of the key part of our Visegrad Animation Forum. Their presentations are held in front of international professionals, producers of various countries with the aim of promoting our talents, projects and helping to local professionals to enter the international scene. Such a program is destined mostly to young filmmakers and producers as also educational program that enables them to confront their project with international professionals.

The competition pitching of 9 projects of short films will be followed by the lunch of participants with international producers. In the part of out of competition program (at 9:00 and at 13:00) there will be a pitching of mostly Western European projects focusing Central and East European producers. The 14:00 Producers coffee offers a unique opportunity to meet a producer in a one to one meeting based on previous booking. Please consult the organisers to book a place.

Among the jury members of the VAF 2013 Award of the Best Short Film Project there are producers Nicolas Burlet (Nadasdy studio, Switzerland), Olivier de Bannes (O2b Films, France), Espen Olaisen (Oneiros, Norway) or Thom Palmen (Botnia films, Sweeden, Estonia) and Andras Erkel (Studio Beastarts, Hungary).

The full line-up of competition projects is here:
1) XO, Dir: ivan Ivanovski, producer: Elena Staniseva, Macedonia
2) Happy End, Dir: Jan Saska, Producer: Tomáš Pešula, Studio FAMU, Czech Rep.
3) Killer Whales/ Gyilkosbálnák, dir: Bálint Gelley, producer: Jozsef Fulop, MOME, Hungary
4) The Wild Boar/ A Vaddisznó, dir: Bella Szederkenyi, producer: Katalin Erkel, Budapest animation, Hungary
5) Yellow / Žltá, Dir: Ivana Šebestová, producer: Monika Křupalová, Feel me film, Slovakia
6) Nina a Ondro, dir: Ové pictures, producer: Danuta Gegotek, Ján Krásnohorský, Articok, SLovakia/ Poland
7) Ilusion/ Iluzija, dir: Jelena Besir, producer: Milan Milosavljevic, Serbia
8) World´s Collection of Curiosities/ Panoptikum světa, dir: Veronika Szemlová, UTB Zlín, Czech Rep.
9) Electrifying Love, Dir: Avgousta Zourelidi, Producer: Nathalie Algazi, La Voie Lacté, France