Visegrad Animation Forum 2013 will be held 5-7 May in Třeboň

Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF) will be held in the term of 5-7 May as a three days film industry event in the frame of International Festival of Animated Films, Anifilm, Třeboň. This inciative is destined to all professionals, producers, filmmakers, studios and animators who would like to pitch their projects, present films, look for collaborators, coproducers or learn about European standards of production.

The program starts on sunday at 12 o´clock and goes till the tuesday 7 May evening while offering sccreenings of young films, presentation of projects, round table debates or workshops for young professionals. Such an iniciative is intented as a complex platform of local producers, studios and filmmakers that serves for the support of the whole scene of Central East Europe animation (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic).
The main idea of this non-commercial iniciative is that we can support local animation not only by classical education or organising showcases. But we are trying to promote or even educate our film professionals and help them to enter the international scene.

Support for the professionals
The Forum is trying to help them entering the network of European audiovisual animation scene.
Visegrad Animation Forum was founded by Association of Czech Animation (ASAF). The first event was the presentation of our region animation at the market MIFA of Annecy 2013. And the first real edition of Visegrad Animation Forum 2013 (5-7 May, Třeboň) is organised by ASAF together with other professionals from our region – Slovak Asociácia producentov animovaného filmu, Hungarian school MOME Budapest, festival Anifilm Třeboň and Polish company New Europe Film Sales as a coproduction, presentation, lectures and networking event.

Short films and TV program
Together we try to defend short films as the original genre of animation. This year´s major topic is the local Tv representatives meeting that will be accompagnied by the pitching of serial projects and the round table disscoussion. The speakers will open a very vital question of the possibility of Tv serial coproductions that could spark development of local animation industry.
Last but not least, Visegrad Animation Forum is an inciative that brings together professionals who could defend better the animation and its development in our region. Together we could enter public debates, institutional negotiations, medias and culture politics and do much more than individual professionals could do in their studios over the country.
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