VAF New Talents Travelling to V4filmfeszt

Is there such a thing as Central European animation? Certainly! Among its common features are a smaller influence of the Disney style and a kind of cryptic language, obviously both because of hystorical reasons: the decades of separateness and the enduring political and cultural opression in the region. The institution of the Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF) was brought to live to support and to promote animation not only from the V4 countries, but also from the neighbouring countries Estonia, Croatia and Slovenia which have a similarly rich tradition in the field of animation.

The VAF New Talents project serves to promote young and talented animation artists from Central and Eastern Europe. The award winning animated shorts to be screened are works by university students and diploma projects of graduates.

Oh, Mother!, r: Paulina Ziolkowska, PL, 2017
Wild Boar, r: Szederkényi Bella, DE/FR/HU, 2016
Ink Meets Blank, r: Tymon Albrzykowski, PL, 2016
Chilli, r: Martina Mikušová, SK, 2016
Corner, r: Lucija Mrzljak, EE, 2016
Bond, r: Wunder Judit, HU, 2016
Foreign Body, r: Marta Magnuska, PL, 2016
Life in Patterns, r: Vojtěch Domlátil, CZ, 2017
Farewell, r: Leon Vidmar, SI, 2016

When: February 17, 2018 at 17:30
Where: Budapest, Cinema Uránia

More about the selection VAF New Talents find out here.