VAF 2014 behind the door

Next week will be held the second annual Visegrad Animation Forum in Třeboň. Parallel competition financially supported one short film project and one television series from our region.
Visegrad Animation Forum will be held 6th – 8th of May within the industry section at the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm in Třeboň. Authors will present seven shorts and seven TV series from central Europe and they will present their ideas through public pitching forum with the participation of international experts, producers, TV Comission editors and filmmakers themselves. The first day of the program, participants will undergo special workshop and learn how to present your project and only the third day everything goes live before an audience.

The second part of the program VAF is also very nutritious too and organizers to include some “Case studies”. Selected lecturers will description their way to success, and how, for example, got up to co-productions with Eastern European animators. There will be also evaluate what stage of implementation are supported projects from the previous year VAF or there will be presentation Visegrad countries, each of which boast their news in film, talents, legislative changes or co-production opportunities. In other blocks will also showcase European animation studios or presentation as an illustrative example of the development and implementation of a particular television show.

Michal Podhradský, the VAF’s producer and main organizer, says, “The VAF is something that was missing in the Czech Republic and other neighbouring countries. Our neighbours are a bit envious now, because we were the first to come up with the project. But not so much that they would refuse to help us to organize and finance it.”

Visegrad Animation Forum was founded by Czech Animated Film Association (ASAF), which is represented by domestic producers and their studios. The first event and presentation of our region in connection with the VAF was held at MIFA Annecy 2013. The first home presentation was at the Anifilm 2013 in Treboň.