The line up of VAF 2013 Award films competition disclosed

The competition of the best animated short films of Visegrad Animation Forum (5-7 May) in Třeboň knows its contenders. Students and young talented filmmakers from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia will compete for the best recent film from our region. The selection offers two 90 minutes programs of various animation techniques, styles and even productions.

You can find very low budget school films as well as even international coproductions. You can find films from Czech schools FAMU Prague, VŠUP Prague, UTB Zlín, Slovak VŠMU Bratislava, PWSFTViT Lodz or MOME Budapest. But such a competitive film program of the Forum tries to look for new talents and promissing filmmakers from our region.

Two juries of international profesionals will decide on 6 May about the winners in the category of Visegrad Aanimation Forum Award and of the New Europe Film Sales Award – accompagnied by the acquisition of this sales company. Among the jury members you find European sales agent, animators and producers – for example: market organizer Isabelle Le Guern (OFF courts), distributer Sarah Adam (KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg) or filmmaker Thomas Balbra (Norwegian Traum Toys puppet animation studio).

The complete line-up of films:
Program A
Bear me, Poland/Germany 2012, Lodz, director: Kasia Wilk, 5:30
Dipendeza, Hungary, 2012, director: Panna Horváth-Molnár, Virág Zomborácz, 12:54
Soul / Duše, Czech Rep., VŠUP, 2012, dir: TEREZA VOSTRADOVSKÁ, 3:35
Wichterle, Czech Rep., UTB Zlín, 2012, director: Zuzana Bahulová, 5:00
Ham Story / O šunce, Czech Rep., UTB Zlín, director: Eliška Chytková, 6:00
Lady with a long hair, Hungary, 2012, director: Barbara Bakos, 8:44
The Conquerants, Hungary/ France director: Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó, 12:00
Super Emma, Czech Rep., VŠUP, 2012, director: JAN NETUŠIL,TEREZA TYDLITÁTOVÁ, MATOUŠ VYHNÁNEK, 5:00
Wings/ Skrzydła, Poland 2012, Lodz, director. Krzysztof Szafraniec, 7’50”
Animus et Aqua, Czech Rep., 2012, FAMU – director: Michaela Hoffová, 11:14

Program B:
Where do Wild Butterflies Grow?/ Kde rostou motýli?, Czech Rep., UTB Zlín, director: Vladimíra Macurová, 6:00
Alien / Cizinec, Czech Rep., FAMU 2012, director: Martin Máj, 7:29
My 3 Grandmas, Hungary 2012, director: Kati Glaser, 16:00
Lighta, Slovakia, VŠMU, 2012, director: Andrej Gregorčok, 7:00
Comely Face/ Sličná tvář, Czech Rep., FAMu, 2012, director: Soňa Jelínková, 9:35
Ziegenort, Poland 2013, director. Tomasz Popakul, 19:00
Operation White Widow, Poland/Germany 2012, Lodz, director. Jacek Mazur, 4:17
Bubble/ Bublina, Slovakia, 2012, VŠMU, director: Mária Oľhová, 7:25
The Trip / Cesta, Czech Rep., 2012, school film FAMU, Ondřej Dolejší, 5:53