The main highlight of VAF 2013 – pitching of TV serial projects

The TV serial project by Kata Kerekes called Spiders

The most attanded event of VAF 2013 would be without doubt the real first pitching of Central East European projects of animation TV serials that were submitted into our competition and selected by VAF. The major studios of our region so called Visegrad will present what they have it their shelfs. Our presentiation is held especially with the idea of suporting the idea of TV coproductions that are vital for sparking again our once famous animation “industry” of East and Central Europe.

The idea is that instead of producing low budget serials of 7 or 13 episodes that are not marketable on the international scene, we could try to coproduce a bigger project for domestic programs as well as for international sales. The Treboň´s competition will show the quality of our possible Tv projects. We will see how well prepared are our professionals to enter the international TV market.
The final pitching will be held in front of international professionals and TV representatives of our region from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and SLovenia who will sit in the jury to decide about the award for the best project.

Tina Dufkova´s TV project The Story about Mum and Dad.

Among them there will be Halka Marčeková the script editor from Slovak RTVS, Vanda Horváth, Editor-in-Chief, Children and Youth Programmes, MTVA, Media Service Support and Asset Management from Hungary, Kresimir Zubčič, Head of Foreign Programme Dept., editor buyer, Hrvatska radiotelevizija from Croatia or Andraz Poeschl, Editor in Chief, Culture and Arts Programme, RTV SLO from Slovenia.
The Czech TV will be represented by Jan Maxa Director of program development (in the jury) and by general director Petr Dvořák (in the round table debate) from Czech Television, Czech Republic. At the end there will be a round table debate to be held on the topic: Central East European coproductions of TV serials only a dream?

The list of VAF 2013 Pitching of TV serial Projects

The Adventures of Gloria Scott / Pustolovine Glorije Scott, Dir: Tvrtko Raspolic, producer: Dijana Mladenovic, Kinematograf Zagreb, Croatia
Agi Bagi, Dir and producer: Tom Nedved, producer: Dominika Osak, Badi badi Studio, Poland
Basia, Dir: Marcin Wasilewski, Producer: Robert Janczurowski, Studio Grupa Smacznego, Poland
Casparade / Kacperiada, Dir and producer: Wojtek Wawszczyk, Studio Human Ark, Poland
Great Adventures of Dora and Rosa / Velká dobrodružství Dory a Rosy, Dir: Martin Duda, producer: Vratislav Šlajer, Bionaut, Czech Republic
Kartonka, Dir: Bela Klingl, KGB Animation Studio, Hungary
The Storm Cloud Odyssey / Odysea na burzowej chmurze, Dir: Agnieszka Sadurska, producer: Wlodek Matuszewski, Studio Miniatur Fylmowych, Poland
Story About Mum and Dad, The / Povídání o mamince a tatínkovi, Dir: Tina Dufková, producer: Radim Procházka, Jakub Halousek, Studio Anima, Czech Republic
The Websters / Pavúky z rohu, Director and producer: Katarina Kerekesova, Fool Moon Film, Slovakia