Thank you to all who have submitted their work! We are very pleased to see an increasing number of submitted projects from the Central and Eastern European countries. For VAF, this fact is encouraging because we can see that the situation in this region is changing and the animation is getting stronger.

Submitted projects conforming to the rules will be now evaluated by two professionals from each country organizing the pitching (CR, SK, SI, HU, PL).

The following point system will be used:
A) Short film projects:
1. Creative idea (1-10 points)
2. Story (1-10 points)
3. Design (1-10 points)

B) Series and TV Specials projects:
1. Creative idea (1-10 points)
2. Characters and potential of the series or TV special (1-10 points)
3. Design (1-10 points)

Total number of points received from all evaluators will determinate the order of projects in both categories: 10 projects with highest point scores will be selected in each category and invited to attend the pitching in Trebon (2-4 May).

Good luck to you as our selection committee who reviews the entries. Stay tuned for the announcement of our pre-selection in March 2017.