Do you have any questions concerning the competition rules? Please, do not hesitate to contact:

– for short films: Aneta Ozorek, anetaozorek@gmail.com
for TV series and specials: Anna Vášová, vasova.anna@gmail.com


The VAF competition is open for animated projects in development. There are two categories:

• Short films (single film less than 20 minutes long)
• TV Series and TV Specials (series of any format and single films over 20 minutes)

An animated project is a project in which at least 50% of the film under consideration is executed using animation film technology or takes the form of multimedia audio-visual work with emphasis on the graphical aspect.


Only producers or other project rights holders can submit projects to the competition.

Producers must hold the rights to the project including:

• the right to present the project and any of its parts (including video in any form) to the public,
• the right to publish information on the project and any of its parts in any form

By submitting the project, the producer or the project’s rights holder grants the contest organizers the right to publish –within the scope of the VAF pitching contest – basic information about the project, its headline picture and /or its video presentation.

The producer and the author or director must both present the project in person at the VAF Pitching to be held 03. – 05. 05. 2016 in Trebon, in front of a jury and an audience comprised of film and television professionals.

The producer and the authors of the submitted project must be citizens of the EU or of countries listed below */ (VAF is supported by European funds and must conform to their regulations).


By submitting the project the producer expresses his understanding of and agreement with the rules of the pitching competition.

Submission has to be done electronically via http://vp.eventival.eu/anifilm/2016 in English and has to include:
• Title
• Logline (one sentence)
• Synopsis (max. 600 characters)
• Treatment (a developed synopsis – max. 500 words)
• Director’s statement (max. 500 words)
• Estimated budget and financing plan
• Examples of visual and graphic style
• Brief director´s CV (max. 50 words)
• Information about the production company (max. 50 words)
• List of partners on the project so far
• Headline picture

• a title picture visual: project visual (headline picture) that would be presented in press and other media. Resolution, ratio and page orientation: 1920 x 1080 pix/300dpi, jpg format. This file should be marked as HEAD_name of the project.
• picture attachments (visuals, artistic designs, storyboards, screenplays) in PDF presentations (total max. 10MB)
• video files in mp4 or H264 format, max. 10MB

All electronic files must have names of max. 16 letters using exclusively basic international ASCII characters without any diacritics.

VAF organizers have the right to refuse a project if it does not comply with these regulations.


8 February 2016 Submission via the online system and all attachments and files submitted
16 March 2016 List of projects selected for pitching to be published
23 March 2016 Accreditation and entry fees for Series projects to be paid
3 – 5 May 2016 Visegrad Animation Forum


The TV Series and TV Specials category submission fee is 100 EUR per project.
The submission into the Short films category is free.

VAF accreditation fee of 20 EUR per person applies to all pitching participants. The accreditation is free for students.

Projects and participants selected for the pitching (see Chapter 6) will be noted by 16 March 2016 and have to settle the due entry fees by 23 March 2016, otherwise the project shall be excluded from the contest. Payment is must be made via bank transfer.


Submitted projects conforming to these rules will be evaluated by two professionals from each country organizing the pitching (CR, SK, SI, HU, PL – see article 9). The following point system will be used:

A) Short film projects:
1. Creative idea (1-10 points)
2. Story (1-10 points)
3. Design (1-10 points)

B) Series and TV Specials projects:
1. Creative idea (1-10 points)
2. Characters and potential of the series or TV special (1-10 points)
3. Design (1-10 points)

Total number of points received from all evaluators will determinate the order of projects in both categories: 10 projects with highest point scores will be selected in each category and invited to attend the pitching.


The pitch will take place 3 – 5 May, 2016, within the Visegrad Animation Forum – the industry section of the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm 2016.

The pitching sessions will be preceded by workshops led by expert tutors to discuss or fine – tune the strengths and weaknesses of all projects as well as best pitching strategies.

After the pitch, each participating project team will have meetings with members of the jury (experienced film professionals and/or film and TV executives).

VAF production or national coordinators will assist participants with transport to Trebon and booking accommodation there.


The winning Short film project will receive 2,000EUR.
A Special Mention is awarded as well.

The winning TV Series or TV Special project and the runner up (Special Mention) will have direct access to CartoonForum without the need to undergo competitive pre-selection, provided they adhere the rules of Cartoon Forum.
Furthermore both will have a discount of 350 EUR off the mandatory Cartoon Forum participation fee (paying 600 EUR instead of 950 EUR). This has no bearing in other organisational, legal and financial terms and conditions of Cartoon Forum.

The organizers of the Visegrad Animation Forum are:
ASAF, Czech Association of Animated Films
APAF, Association of Slovak Animation Producers
MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
SPPA, Polish Animation Producers Association
DSAF, Slovenian Animated Film Association


*/ list of eligible countries :
• EU member states,
• Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidate countries taking advantage of pre-entry strategies corresponding with general principles and conditions for participation of these countries in programmes of the Union stipulated in respective general agreements and decisions of the Council on association or similar agreements,
• ESVO countries that are members of the EEA, in accordance with regulations of Agreement on EEA,
• Swiss confederation on the base of a bilateral agreement that will be closed,
• Countries within European region complying with procedures set by these countries following general agreements and their participation in EU programmes.

In projects where one or more authors are not EU citizens, an assessment as to whether the work meets EU criteria. In case EU regulations are not met, the project will be refused.