How to bring back short animated films into cinemas or TV

A international successful recent film The Case by Czech young filmmaker Martin Živocký

A panel debate held at Visegrad Animation Forum 2013 (5-7 May) will question a possibility of bringing back short animation films into our countries´ distribution and to regular TV program. The program will be seated by various sales, distributors and producers present at VAF 2013.

The topics will touching upon those issues: How to support short films within the modern cinema and audiovisual industry? Is there a way how to bring animated short films back to cinemas? Who can play such a role? What are European TV formats and windows for short animation films? Are there any alternativ diffussion of short films via online platforms working ect…
A distributor Sarah Adam from KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg will present the German experience with short film iniciatives and associations that have already entered the culture policy and created a movement. Others panelists will be Isabelle Le Guern from the festival and short film market Off Courts, Giuliana Sana from Sedicicourto (Italy) and Annie Dissaux from French Association AFCA. They will be completed by Polish Sales Jan Naszewski from New Europe Film Sales and by Daniel Deák from Hungarian iniciative