Co-producing with the Western world

How do we choose market and look for more partners?

Frederic Puech (Planet Nemo) is one of the few producers from Western Europe with experiences from co-producing TV series from the Eastern Countries. It will definitely be interesting to ask him how does he chooses projects he believes that will succeed in the west. What is inspirational on our authors’ work? What are the benefits and disadvantages in working with Eastern Europe? Is there a hope for bringing Eastern and Western productions closer?

Frederic Peuch will introduce his production company Planet Nemo and some successful projects originating in Eastern European countries. His case studies will show individual production phases during the development, funding and realization of his projects.

Planet Nemo is a renowned creative independent production and distribution company with studios in Paris and Lille. Its main activities include creative development, investment securing and production and co-production of animated and interactive programmes. It focuses mainly on 2D, 3D and Flash production.

In 2010 and 2011, the company was nominated for the award for the TV producer of the Year by French Producers Association PROCIREP, and European Animation Producer of the Year (2011) by Cartoon professional association.