Boot Camp: Animation Course for Professionals

Another vocational training of the project ANOMALIA will take place in summer months in Litomyšl. Participants can enroll to courses offered with the world’s leading professionals until 15th April.

Within the project ANOMALIA will meet the most successful supervisors of the world’s animation studios (PIXAR, DreamWorks, Valve, Arconyx) in Litomyšl, 14th July until 19th September 2014. Under their leadership, participants can work and develop professional and artistic skills and improve their professional portfolio and personal work. Courses are nutritious source of information both for graduates of animation with knowledge of animated characters in 3D, who seeking employment and for professional 3D animators, who still have the taste to improve their professional expertise and personal art. Main part of program block called BOOT CAMP, determined to deep expert knowledge and development of art of character animation in 3D. The following a unique course of animating a short film with the legendary Keith Lang from studio VALVE, which beside animation focusing on development of a low-budget independent production and animation ” cartoon ” style that combines feature film with 3D too. In the end, advanced animators can learn how to animate animals and this is highly demand a skill in global market.
Courses are designed for advanced 3D animators who want to intensively work on projects under scrutiny of an experienced supervisor, or deepen their knowledge in field of 3D animation to be better technically equipped to compete in global labor market, and be able to effectively and artistic level to implement their own projects. Enroll until 15th April at following website:

Project ANOMALIA is completely unique on Czech soil. It aims to exchange experiences with professional world animated sphere with filmmakers. Courses are mainly trying to educate to authors and increase their professionalism and ability to maintain on competitive market. Experienced animators have high potential to succeed in film market.

All information about upcoming events available for download here: