The winning project in both categories will receive a financial support for further development of the project in total amount of 2,000 EUR. A Special Mention is awarded as well.

The winning TV Series/TV Special project and the Special Mention will have direct access to Cartoon Forum (in special entry conditions) without the need to undergo competitive pre-selection, provided they adhere the rules of Cartoon Forum.

Thanks to the cooperation with the European Animation Development Lab Animation Sans Frontieres (ASF), one selected director or producer will receive a scholarship in amount of 1,500 EUR. Tim Leborgne, project leader of ASF will follow the pitches in both categories and choose the winner. The price worth 1,000 EUR will receive the best short film and will cover the sound postproduction including studio and sound engineer for 5 days. This award is offered by Polish Playade Sound Studio by Piotr Kubiak.

In the category Feature Films, there will be two awards to compete for: firstly the Best Feature Film Pitch, the winning project will advance directly to the prestigious Cartoon Movie 2019, and secondly the Nespresso Audience Award.