Animation internet journal Homo Felix

Several people from Slovakia has established an online magazine Homo Felix. They share one thing. Passion for an animated film.

The latest edition of the journal Homo Felix

Homo Felix is both a printed journal and an internet platform. As a printed journal, it is published in English twice a year (March & September) and widely distributed across the European festival and academic scene. It has 80 full-colour pages about contemporary animation, written by acclaimed experts. Each issue focuses on a special topic, interview, profiles of artists and studios, theory, a chapter from history, reviews of new animated films, etc. They feature interesting visual material, including comic strips by animators and behind-the-scenes footage such as storyboards and production reportages.

The internet platform features interviews, videos, blogs, promotions, comments and discussions about animation.

Homo Felix is run by people and institutions based in ‘New Europe’. The central point of interest is Visegrad region which counts four countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In wider range, they are interested in researching the animation scene in the whole East Block.

Homo Felix maps traditional media: feature length and short animated films, and television production. They are keen to explore crossover genres such as web-based animation, the game industry, and animated films for museum/galleries. Homo Felix is open to a wide range of contexts – industrial, political, historical, social and artistic. To feel the vibe of contemporary animation, we want to cover the whole scope of its performance.

And what does Homo Felix mean?
It is Latin for Happy Man.
It also evokes a similarity with expressions from anthropology describing human evolution: homo habilis, homo erectus, homo sapiens, Homo Felix. The last is a very special kind: it is a human clone with an animated Felix the Cat icon, which is very happy with his life and adventures.

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Homo Felix was established in 2010 as a Slovak animation magazine. It was published twice a year in Slovak and Czech languages by the company feel me film. The founder of Homo Felix is Ivana Laučíková, a Slovak director and producer of animated films, who also acted as the magazine’s first editor-in-chief. Homo Felix soon became a popular regional magazine for animation students, professionals and fans, and it launched co-operation with several universities and animation festivals.
Due to increasing international requests for an English version, from 2014 Homo Felix has become an English language publication.